How is "face" used? "The country faces environmental challenges" or "Environmental challenges face the country." Are both of them correct? Thanks a lot.
Yes, both ways are OK, with my preference on the first form.
Thank you, Mr. Micawber. When it is said that "The country is faced with environmental challenges", does the reader get an impression that the country's environment is in a more serious situation than when it is said that "The country faces environmental challenges"? I get this idea, but I am not sure. Thank you very much.
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No, sorry, I don't. If anything, active voice tends to suggest stronger activity-- but I don't notice anything in this case. The three sentences all say the same thing to me:

The country faces environmental challenges.
Environmental challenges face the country.
The country is faced with environmental challenges.


Environmental challenges are faced by the country

is slightly weaker in effect, though I don't think it ameliorates the challenges themselves.
i want to know what's "face to"mean...

is "the country faces to environmental challenges" correct? p/s tell me,thank you!
Hello, Jiy.

Face to has a different meaning. Your sentence is not right. Use face to like this:

My window faces to the east, so I can watch the sunrise every morning.
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thank you,Mr M.

i think i would better looking for a dictionary.