1) Offshore is a verb?
2) Face time = ?

In the end, the cost of offshoring the branch office was only 20 percent less than the going rate in the United States, and for cultural reasons, far more face time than initially expected was needed to ensure the commitment U.S. management demanded -- which resulted in trips to India at least once per quarter. The vice president emphasized that offshoring can indeed work but said it’s a mistake to assume that managing offshore IT is in any way equivalent to managing local IT or that cost savings will be as dramatic as you might expect.
"offshore" is indeed now a verb. It means "to move operations of a corporation to a foreign country for the purpose of making (more costly) U.S. citizens unemployed in order to increase corporate profits". Offshoring is considered a smart and effective way to improve the American economy, and the resultant unemployment is considered just an inevitable, unfortunate effect.

"face time" is the amount of time that people spend "face to face", i.e., in the same room, speaking to each other in person, as opposed to communications by phone or e-mail.
For example, we members of this Forum never have any face time.