hi everybody
may you explain me the difference between faculty and college and university
for example
who is the dean of the arts faculty?
I go to art college
do you study at faculty of engineering?
I study full time at the state university

thank you in advance
In some places outside the U.S., faculty is used to designate a field of study (faculty of Germanic languages, faculty of science, etc.)
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Faculty = Professors

College = Bachelors degree issuing school

University = Masters and Doctorate issuing school

In AmE, College and University are sometimes interchangeable.
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Vorpar Faculty = ProfessorsCollege = Bachelors degree issuing schoolUniversity = Masters and Doctorate issuing schoolIn AmE, College and University are sometimes interchangeable.
This answer applies to the USA in particular.

In the UK, colleges and universities are not the same thing. Universities are for studying in order to get a degree in a subject. Colleges are not and are for studying to get other qualifications.
VorparIn AmE, College and University are sometimes interchangeable.
They are not in the English of the UK, where they are different words with different meanings.
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