I tried to set up an account. When I received the reply, it was this:

You have created a new account at EnglishForward.com, your login details are:

Username: eddweirdo
Password: *********

To activate your login, please visit: /user/AcceptInvitation.htm?InvitationKey=a46d8a7c-1729-428a-85d7-79c55059479c.

EnglishForward.com team

When I tried to click on the link, the little hand does not come up, and nothing happens. My account is still pending. How do I activate this? Thank you in Advance.
Weird... the link seems invalid. I'll call for an admin.
Try logging in now, Edd.


(PS: Ignore the PM from me in your inbox.)
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to activate your login add http://EnglishForward.com before /user/AcceptInvitation.htm?InvitationKey=a46d8a7c-1729-428a-85d7-79c55059479c (don't add the last ".")
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