Can you help me with this expression in the context:
The mayor will have a heart attack if we don't go through the proper protocols with the professors. Students are fair game. (said by a detective investigating murder on a college were they have a suspect)
Thank you
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Cambrigde says:
be fair game

to be easy to criticize, or to deserve criticism
Members of the Royal family are considered fair game by journalists

What comes after the "fair game" sentence?
It's the end of the chapter.
I found that too, but it was impossible to me - the idea that students are easily criticized. In my country, students are the one who criticize.
thank you p
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If the police don't cross their t's etc when interrogating the students and/or professors, don't work according to the rules, don't cover their backs in 3 words, then the results they get may be highly criticized and jeopardized since students are an easy prey?
C'est ca! Genial! (is this how is it spelled?)
Quite so (top on?)!
I'm not sure about your keyboard, but you need a ça, and génial, but that's nothing but logistics.
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