Dear all,

please I need a correction:


I spoke with my project manager and we got to the following conclusions:

We could offer you fake (artificial)? plants and bring them to Germany or if you want to have living plants, we suggest to check Messe´s website and order the plants which will meet the most your taste.

I would like also to point out that living plants, during the transport to Germany, in the month of January, could wither. We do not advise for this reason the supply of living plants from Czech Rep."

In this letter I have the following doubts to be please clarified:

1. fake or artificial plants?

2. to meet the taste? possible?

3. to wither or to get withered?


1. Use artificial for plants. Anything fake is intended to deceive - not simply to imitate.

2. '. . .order the plants which will suit you best.'

3. '. . . living plants . . . could die.'

Dear Rover,

thanks. Noted.

The rest? I do not thing this is the only one thing to be corrected...

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I corrected the three things you asked about.

Dear Rover,

yes, you did and I am glad for this, but it would be of help if you could check the remaining text as well.


'. . . if you want living plants, we suggest that you check Messe's website . . .'

I would also like to point out that living plants, in transit to Germany in January, could die.'

The rest is OK.

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Hi Rover,

thanks. I wish to say we can´t it be: "we suggest to check" ?

The rest is ok


use artificial plants...and yes they will meet your taste