Choose which goes with which, Emotion: smile

1. teeth

2. passport

3. limbs

4. alarm

5. light

6. flowers

7. hair

8. pearls

9. note

10. tears

11. impression

12. additives

From: Evans, V. (2002) CPE Use of English 1 for the Revised Cambridge Proficiency Exam: Student's Book. Express Publishing.
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Still dont understand:(
i scored bad... was quite confident wen i was giving test,, bt i m learning alot from all these practise.... thank you so much
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This was very interesting, I got 10 out of 12
Indeed, this one is really interesting. I scored 11 out of 12, next time I go for the highscore.
Thanks for the test Emotion: smile
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is it me or is this one easy than others ? I did get 12/12 !  

Thanks Tanit,
5 out of 12

I am awful
I scored 11 out of 12 and my native language is Russian!
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