Do you want to become a well-known pop singer like Michael Jackson? Becoming a legendary football player like Maradona or wealthy like Bill Gates? If anyone asks that question for you, few people probably don't dream of being famous like that.
So what is a celebrity that everyone wants to become a celebrity? Is becoming a celebrity as simple as you think?
Celebrities often have ups and downs
Becoming a celebrity has its own advantages and disadvantages. People often think that people who are well known often have everything in life. However, becoming a celebrity means that your life will be more scrutinized. You are not free to go anywhere you want.
Wherever you go, you also have to face the gaze of everyone. Even your own romance, you are not comfortable. And your life, after the halo, is it darkness?
"Famous" is the social assessment of one's behavior and thoughts. Famous people with good reputations are praised by the society, trusted and respected by people, persuasive and influential in their relationships.
The pursuit of a good reputation can encourage people to be confident, correct good, and build a good image. Everyone should strive to build a reputation and value it. But having a good reputation is not necessarily good. The fact that reputation is not an absolute good. If not handled properly, it can cause countless negative effects.
The famous fame will bring quite a lot of troubles, a person after becoming famous will become the object of the public, the most movements are not free as before. For example, the authors and famous actors are often surrounded by readers and journalists, there are many people who write letters to visit, it is difficult to cope.
The next annoying thing is that celebrities are easily attacked. A person after becoming famous also becomes distant from people, always in an isolated, prominent position and becomes the target of criticism and evaluation of the public.
After being famous, people are easy to be complacent and do not want to progress. A person who has become a listener hears all those praises and praises covering his eyes no longer recognizes his own shortcomings.
In fact, there are no celebrities who cross the decade, the words of praise of people often exaggerate, exaggerate, can not be completely trusted.
If the mind that is fascinated with action becomes misguided, then reputation only becomes vanity. That reputation is hard to last long, once actually exposed, the reputation will also dissipate. Reputation and fame always have two sides. Celebrities also bear the risk of reputation.

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