She had a smile
On her lips like buds
She had a blush
In her soft rosy cheeks
She had black hair
Flowing like crowning glory
She had big eyes
Sparkling bright with black iris
No worry or frown
On her broad forehead
No flaw or fault
In her fair complexion
The good in her heart
Glowed in her face
The warmth in her kindness
Showed in her laugh
Beauty was hers
And she was mine
With her with me
Death warrant would I sign
She gazed at me
And I looked at her
She was my reflection
In the fantasy mirror!

Read this with a pinch of humour! Boosting my confidence, right?!Emotion: wink
Hey please post a comment on this please...
Hi Anita a!!! It' the most wonderful poem which has ever sung beauty and virtues of woman!
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Thanks Basil. Those were very kind words of appreciation. Thanks!
Anita, could I borrow your mirror please? Emotion: smile
Any time Abbie...Emotion: wink
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the reflection of my soul
in the mirror of my dreams
the retrieving of the past
in the core of my eyes
can there ever be
the bright future to see?
Hello Anita

Just a couple of small comments:

Flowing like crowning glory ] maybe > 'a crowning glory'?

Sparkling bright with black iris ] maybe > 'with a black iris', or 'with black irises'

The warmth in her kindness ] 'the warmth of her kindness'? though 'in' may be better.

Death warrant would I sign ] This line I'm not sure about – it seems to change the tone.

See you,