Just heard some guy said this way. Is it right (good grammar) anyway? If so, doesn't it mean the opposite of 'far from my satisfaction? Or is there a better expression to show this meaning?

Thank you in advance.
It's possible that a word was omitted accidentally, e.g.

1. Far [more] to my satisfaction were the bedrooms, which were furnished throughout with imitation Louis XV hangings.

Or the "far to" might have belonged to two different phrases, e.g.

2. All questions have been answered so far | to my satisfaction.

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What's the full sentence?

A sentence such as "Far to my satisfaction, I passed with top marks" (for example) is not natural English to my ear. It should be "Much to my satisfaction, ..."
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I agree with you, Mr Wordy. I think the speaker wants to express 'more than much to my satisfaction', but he should not queeze two meaning into one expression, which unfortunately resulted in this.
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