Would anybody have some insight as to this book by Eric Schloffer, what the ideas are, what is controversial, etc... etc... ?
Thanks beforehand!
Hi Pieanne,

It's a while since I read it, but I believe that he basically goes into the workings of the fast food industry. He looks at the vast mass production of cattle and potatoes, and the formation of huge farms for this which has effectively wiped out the small farmer and diversification. He examines the working conditions, and describes them as appaling, with little or no regard for the safety of the workers. He looks at the incidence of illness from poorly cooked fast food - essentially he doesn't have a good word to say for it!
Hello, Abbie,
It's not a recent book then?
My daughter has to write a report about it, so I thought I'd ask around to gather some opinions...
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Published 2001.

here's a web site - (advertisinf, but you'll get the drift)

Thanks, Abbie, I'll have a look