As the tears welled up in your eyes
A flood bust in my heart
As the water droplets touched my hands
All emotions ripped apart my soul

The quivering lips when they touched mine
All my senses took leave of me
When your clasp on my hand was like twine
My being was shaken to the core.

Not a word that I spoke
Sounded anything like me
The sobbing of your heart, broke
Every nerve in my being

The consolation was our love
Which seemed dreary and cruel
When my fancies took off like a dove
Fate didn’t allow me to be with you.

All the power in the world
Was against my internal conflict
Destiny drew us apart, our world
Collapsed into millions of tears.

The repulsion of my promises
Devastated the existence of the relationship
The repercussions of our nemesis
Haunted the mansion of my dreams

All that we have now are reminiscences
Of bygone days and moments
Summoning happiness has no essences,now
There is no encounter of our souls.
The moon has risen again, but...
You have not yet come back
My heart is burning again, but...
I do not know what to do.

The night reminds me that
The loving days are gone
Worried am I that
You are not mine any more.

I am standing still
With tearful eyes
Come back to me now that
Your memories haunt me so.

Smoke rises
From the ambers of my heart
Love has strangled my soul
Tell me what to do now that
I am reminded of you love.
anita_a, this is a very beautiful poem.
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Indeed! It's a lovely poem. I don't know why but I like the melody it has.
Thanks Sharona and Maj. But which of the 2 did u like?
I like the first poem, anita_a, especially the idea in your two sentences:

“When my fancies took off like a dove
Fate didn’t allow me to be with you.”

And others are amazing indeed.
Thanks anita_a for bringing us beautiful poems.
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which one of the two sharona? Anyway, Thanks a lot.