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As of late, the Korean movie, My Son, a.k.a. A Day With My Son. It's about a convicted murderer who gets a 24 hour supervised parole to reconnect with his teenage son whom he has not seen in 15 years (since the son was three years old). The son is very cold to the father but eventually warms to him. There is a twist though, and despite the many hints, I never saw it coming. It's a good movie. You can find it on DailyMotion. It has English subtitles. I made a playlist for it: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x190vr_JoshStafford_a-day-with-my-son/1

It stars Cha Seung-won as the father and Ryu Duk-hwan as the son.
My favourite film is The Lord of the rings, and maybe Centurion (very good acting), also I have many others favourite films. It is very long while I`ll write about all of them.
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Hello,i like only action movies.Spider-man is my most favorite super-hero all time.So mine all time favorite movie is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.Its a superb action movie.I always like to watch this movie.Specially i like the action parts of new spider-man.
Harry potter is my favorite movie for ever . I watched this many time in my free time .It's action movie . ................
yeah harry potter is the great series,all parts are superbly executed by director.All supportive characters contain lots of efforts to make it perfect.
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Kimm really guy!
Harry potter movie is too good and well directed.
I watched this movie many times. In which Harry has a great job.
My favorite movie is "Dark Knight Rises" it was the most awaiting movie for me this year and its as good as i was expecting. Batman is my favorite superhero and christian bale plays an amazing role of that character.
One of my favorite movie is "Nader and Simin Separation", it was very good that get Oscar
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