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I just want to tell my favourite quotes from diffrent films to help free them out of my mind...
I have two, one of them is from the old 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' (not the new one)
It is:
'Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!'
(i can say that one all day)
and the other one is from 'Dude, where's my car?'
It is:
'Screw the universe'
(in a funny, stong German accent (it's really really really funny LOL.))

There, i got them out of my head.
Pheeeeeeeeou!Emotion: movie

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Oh come on people,

I posted my post in August, doesn't anyone have favourite quotes?
I would greatly appreciate it if you post on this thread.....

I liked a lot this dialog betwhen General Gogol and Mayor Anja Amasova in the James bond movie. The spy who loved me. By the like the way General Googol Speaks.

You Sent for me comrad General.
Good morning Mayor Amasova, Whe are facing a most delicate situation. Our nuclear submarine the potiensky has disapear...

Kill Bill:

This is what you get for playing with /&·$& Yausas Emotion: smile
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lol this isn't annoying quote, but it is insanely funny, it's in SNATCH

errol: shut up, you f***face

turkish (played by Jason Stratham): f***face. That's a good one, Errol. I'll remember that the next time I crawl off your mum."

PS--Hey, mod if there is one, don't censor the rest of f***face! that's a lot of hilarity right there!
There is an automatic censor here.
I like the following: How you doin'? (Joey Tribbiani, Friends)

Here areothers that annoy my friends:

"What the hell do you think you doin' ?"

"Who the hell do you think you talking to?"
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How about...

Is that your head or did your neck just throw up?

(I can't remember where I got that one nor why I suddenly thought of it)
At the moment I can remeber these ones:

"Do you like deegs?" Emotion: smile))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Fight Club:
"it's like you're never really asleep and never really awake..."
"everything's a copy of a copy of a copy"
"you choose your level of involvement"
"the things that you own, they end up owning you"

"I've got ot save my ass!" Emotion: smile))))

That's all for the moment ;0)
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