Hi there. There is a quiz from book "First Certificate TestBuilder", preparing for the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) (Cambridge University) . It's extracted from one module, devoted to Paper 1, Reading. It implies upper-intermediate level. I hope it would be useful.

You're going to read an article about Robin Hood. Eight Sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from sentences A-I the one which fits each gap (1-7). Answer B shouldn't be taken into consideration.

Who was Robin Hood?

The Robin hood stories were certainly very popular with King Henry VIII, who ruled England at the start of 16th century. Henry was a child when the stories first appeared in print, but they fascinated him for the rest of his life. .
After all this time it is hard to tell how the stories began. Some people think that Robin Hood is a fictional character; others think he really lived, and they argue about which part of England he was from.
. The idea that they were stealing from rich folk to give the poor has saved them from being branded as villains. They certainly chose their victims carefully, sparing the poor and picking on those who were wealthy and proud.
A porter is someone who has to do fetching and carrying work, and the idea fits badly with all other stories about his life and character. Enthusiasts prefer to believe that he spent the whole of his life in the woods. They say the most of the stories about him are perfectly true - bit not this particle episode.
On the other hand, they cannot explain why anyone would ever invent such a story, which ruins the whole Robin Hood romance.
They have studied Edward II's accounts, which show the wages he paid to his workers - including a porter called Robin Hood. In November, 1324, Hood received his final payment: 'five shillings because he could no longer work'. . If so, Robin Hood was a genuine outlaw who lived in the reign of Edward II. His career of crime was apparently brought to a sudden end when he was captured and made to work as a servant. .

A. Historians have tried to check the facts by looking for clues in all sorts of places.
B. All these things have spread his fame throughout the world.
C. One story says that Hood was captured and made to work as a porter at the court of King Edward II.
D. According to the stories, Robin Hood and his men were thieves who pounced on wealthy travellers in lonely woods.
E. They prefer the idea of Robin Hood who was free and defiant from birh until death.
F. Even as a child he probably played with a bow and arrow, pretending that he was Hood the robber!
G. We cannot be sure that this is the famous Robin Hood but it seems very likely.
H. As a man he sometimes wore Robin Hood costumes for dances and May Day celebrations.
I. Finally pensioned off in old age, his life did not quite much up to the stories!
I got 6 from 7. It is very interesting story about Robin Hood. I didn't know, that Robin Hood was the porter!  Emotion: surprise
I scored 7 out of 7! yehey! i didn't know that story about robin hood becoming a porter...SaRaH
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7 out of 7 .. I'm really glad =) I've always liked Robin Hood and I still can't believe that he was captured to be a porter. To me, he will always be the genius hero who was famous among the poor and feared among the rich =)
5/7 and tommorw im gonna take the official fce !im so nervous!