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In different places, there are differnet geographic advantages. For example, a coastal city may be a good vacation place ,then its feature economy is toursim. While some inland cities, which have mild weathers for crops growing, may develop their agricultural economies,

To sum up : Different city should develop it's feature economies.

Is it the phrase word to say ??Emotion: smile
I'm afraid I wouldn't understand 'feature economies'

Perhaps you could think about using 'primary economies' or 'primary industries' might be better as economy is not quite the right word here either.
Can you combine these thoughs?

So for each region, the local economies will be driven by their own unique characteristics.

(By the way, note that "its" has no apostrophe when used as the possessive.)
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Thanks, I tbink "primary economies" is good. However, I'd like to say some unique economies that are locally based.
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I got it, Thank you!