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featured articles

Can anyone explain to me what is "featured jobs" and "featured articles"?
Hi Gary,

They are the ones that have special attention drawn to them. They are the ones put out for people's notice in the most prominent way.
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Thank you Grammar Greek.
I find mostly the words "featured jobs" in UK recruitment companies. Now I guess they mean by that, "The jobs which mostly candidates like to apply for"?
Am I correct?
Similarly, I think "featured articles" means the articles which many people like to read. Am I correct?
Just another thought about this: Certainly the phrase "featured articles" might simply designate the articles that many people like to read. But there is often a business aspect to anything that appears as "featured" on a website. Very often, a business owner has paid the website owner to display the business listing (or whatever) in a prominent manner, in order to get more attention or recruits or clicks. So, "featured" may mean nothing more than "paid advertising."