fee concession application from father to school princple due to low income ?
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I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are asking us to do.

If there is an application, complete it.

If a letter must go with the application, write it and post it here and someone will take a look.
actually m student in  college. my father is poor post man
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The same advice applies.

If you have to fill out an application, do so. If you have to write a letter, write it and post it here.

The principal


Subject:requst for fees conssiction


with due respect i beg to state that my father is poor man and

my tussion fees conssection,
application 4 fee concession (uni level)
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fee concession applicationfrom father to school princple due to low income
i wnat to how to write a letter for asking fee (admission and tution) concession letter
1. Contact the office in charge of receiving payments or making financial decisions.

2. Find out exactly what is required. Ask specifically what your request must include, including any forms, copies of financial records, and a letter.

3. If a letter is required, write your letter and post it here.
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