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Re: Sponsorship of www.ShameEaters.org

As the sponsorship coordinator of Shame Eaters. I wondered if your company would be interested in financially helping some of our efforts to eradicate Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of women and girls in the DC/Nova area. As one of the few charitable clubs providing training and intervention in the region, we have a track record of excellence both in providing education and support to this marginalized population. The group has only recently been formed but has already made a significant impact on regional trafficking. We anticipate the ministry will grow exponentially in the next year as we are proactively advertising and recruiting volunteers while increasing public awareness.

I am writing to you because (company name) products would appeal to many if not all of our volunteers and. Sponsorship of our organization would raise the profile of (company name) amongst 1000's potential customers in the coming year at speaking engagements, social media and fundraising activities. In return for your investment in the cause (company name) is eligible receive a screening of the Human Trafficking documentary, Nefarious, followed by guest speakers to train your entire staff, family and friends about the issues of exploitation.

If you are not able to donate financially, perhaps you will allow us to post signs or flyers in your place of business? Maybe offer a small seminar for any interested staff? We can host on-site or off. Any and all forms of assistance appreciated greatly by both our team and the women we serve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If I may, I will phone your office in the next few days to arrange a convenient time to discuss the details of this proposed partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Shannon Martinez
(571) 402-4433
Shame Eaters
Email Removed
Founder/Survivor Leader/Sponsorship Co-ordinator

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