Im a web developer and often I need to make the content as well.
I would like to know whats the plural of Feedback. Feedback or Feedbacks ?

I have a small Dictionary s/w called WordWeb but I doubt if it checks for the right plural. Add an s to most words and it'll show you the meaning of the word without the s - so I guess its not having the plural table - just logical calculation.

I wonder whether "feedback" is ever used in the plural/has a plural?
I would say "different kinds of feedback"
Well, you'd better wait till a native sees your post!
Hello, Anjanesh,

There is no plural for "feedback". It's an uncountable noun.

"We received a lot of good feedback from the customers."

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Ok. Thank you for your reply.
I guess I'll have to replace Get 5 Feedback with Get Feedback from 5 people ?
But its not necessary that it has to be from 5 different people. Sometimes it can get from less than 5 persons if a person has left more than one feedback - or even a single person having 5 different opinions of it.
So the term Get Feedback from 5 people will mislead the users of the site.
If you have a situation where you have to have a plural, use "responses" or "comments".

We received fewer than five responses to the survey.

We asked for feedback and received many good comments.

Several people responded with multiple comments when asked for feedback.

Exellent answer! I appreciate it.
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CJ - great suggestions, thanks!