Just wondering if someone could explain what "feeling through" means. Saw that as a hash tag. Couldn't google or find the expression in the dictionary.



More context is needed.

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Hi Nokia

The main meanings that come to mind are:

- I don't know how to deal with this: I'm having to feel my way through

[= to act like someone who is in the dark, using the sense of touch: they have to work out each move, moment by moment]

- When you find yourself in a state of anxiety or grief, it may be best to feel through it

[= this refers to psychological techniques where the person is encouraged to experience how they feel rather than, at the beginning, try to find a rational explanation for it]

Hope this helps, Dave

Thanks. The second example is more difficult to understand, but is probably closer to what I am looking for. Is it possible for anyone to provide more examples?

Thanks. The second one is quite difficult to understand, but maybe closer to what I am looking for. Is it possible for anyone to provide more examples?

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The second one refers to meditation. It's sometimes referred to as "sitting with the difficult", "sitting with an emotion" or "feeling through". In western therapy, it's a part of "mindfulness"

If you google any of those terms, you should find some leads on the web. Do come back otherwise


more complicated even is to understand the line in the song "who wants to be a millionaire " from the film "high society" with Franks sinatra and Celeste Holm they say "who wants a private landing feel trhough", It doesn't make sense at all. Doeso anybody know what this means?

Somebody misheard that lyric, and it got copied on various websites, so you'll find that line in quite a few places on the internet.

However, it should be "Who wants a private landing field too?"

Listen at 0:55



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