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theres no doubt in that!! [sorry folks who are reading this , but this is real fun! try it! highly recommended!!]
virtual fun or cyber fun or real fun? I agree it's great fun.
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maj we once again forgot where we are ...we are in poetry forum! but this is fun to go around chatting with you! ok i must leave now ... see you next year! bye
Virtual fun
Cyber fun
Real fun
fun, fun, fun
Great fun.
Don't u sometimes think that people who might be reading this might think that we are absolutely crazy?

No comment ladies!
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Chris, didn't you like my poem?
Maj, this thread is about Muslimah's poem!!! What did you think about her poem?
I think it has a lot of suggestive ideas, but I get lost somewhere. What do you think about the second part? The negatives confuse me. Maybe you could correct it. I wish I could understand the whole poem.
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Wouldn't it make more sense if it said if I can love you, instead of If I just can hate you?
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