Are these sentences grammatically correct and natural enough?

1) Feeling frightened I fell from the bed tearing/ripping the mosquito net while having a nightmare yesterday.
2) While walking quickly today, I stumbled my little toe on a small broken brick so hard that the nail on it got broken into two and caused much bleeding.

Close to natural, but not exactly. I think you may be trying to say too much in one sentence. Nevertheless, you could do these:

I had a nightmare last night that frightened me so much that I fell out of bed, tearing through the mosquito net in the process.

While hurrying along today, I stumbled on a brick so hard that I broke a toenail, which caused a lot of bleeding.



At first, I'm not sure of the answer. I'd just try. There are teachers to correct it anyway.

In regard to the first sentence, I'd change the order because I don't think that you fell from the bed as a result of feeling frightened, but due to having a nightmare. I'm not very convinced of my sentences, though. Because I'm not sure whether I made it clear to the listener that "ripping the mosquito net" happened accidentally as a result of the fall. I suppose everyone would think so, but did I convey that meaning in the sentence? I'm not sure.

Having a nightmare yesterday, I fell from the bed, ripping the mosquito net. I was frightened.

Having a nightmare yesterday, I fell from the bed, frightened, and I looked around to see the mosquito net got ripped.

Having a nightmare yesterday, I ripped the mosquito net as I fell from the bed. I felt terrified.

While having a nightmare yesterday, I ripped up the side of the mosquito net as I fell out of the bed. I felt frightened.

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