Suddenly you don't feel like communicate with anybody, suddenly you feel like taking shelter iin your cocoon, a feeling may be of isolation, a feeling may be of love - which is not expressed-, and still you feel comfertable with those strange feeling, and wants to think about it or wants to relive them !!!!!!!!!


Peculiar feeling

Why this peculiar feeling is setting in me?
Never experienced before
Why and what is it?
This strange feeling
Why I cannot define it
This strange feeling
Like icicle of soft snow
Sprinkling it all over
Soft and smooth
Colder then ice, harder then iceberg
What is this feeling?
Of emptiness of loneliness
I am scared of this feeling
As if something of my own is gone
But still, I like to experience this feeling
Again and again, of emptiness of loneliness

The poem is good. The feeling could be Love!

yes, it could be ......