Is the plural (I think that's what it's called) of foot, in measurements, foot or feet? ex: "The tree is thirty foot/feet high."
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No bother at all, thanks for your questions. It's a tough one, I'm not sure what the correct answer is, i use both in different contexts..

It is definitely correct to say 'The tree is thirty feet high'

But you can also say: 'That's a forty foot yacht', saying 'That's a forty feet yacht' would be wrong.

or slang: 'A forty footer!'
I see....hmm....I think I get it, thanks.
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Hey nan, I don't get it either... Hopefully a teacher will see this thread and throw some light on it.
Well, there isn't a hard and fast rule. Either can be used. Foot is usually more conversational. However feel free to interchange.

My dad's six foot two (inches tall)
my dad's six feet two (inches tall)

Personally, in the above example i would voice the "inches" if i used feet.

My dad's six feet two inches
So you can use both. That's good, I can't make any mistake. ^_^
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Noo nooo, you can't use both.. There are exceptions!


"50 feet yacht" wrong
"That plane is 300 foot high" (Would mean the plane is 300 feet from top to bottom)
"It's fifty foot to the bottom" (Wrong, must use feet)

Distance use 'feet', size use 'foot or feet' (This doesn't apply if you're talking about something that is one foot away).
Oh I see. Thanks.
i assumed we were talking only about measurements not distance. as for distance you're perfectly right. Like you hitch i wasn't sure if there is a rule or not. i looked it up in Swan (my personal bible !!!) and it said that for measurements feet and foot are interchangeable - one being more colloquial than the other. But if needs be we'll prove him wrong and i'll be right by your side leading the rally !!!!!!
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