"Piper Jaffray analyst Safa Raschtchy noted that the company's marketing automation unit fell short of targets in the most recent quarter. " (quoted from an article)

I was wondering if "fell" here should be replaced by "felled". what do you think?
No, sorry, Jeff, you could not make that substitution. Emotion: sad

"fall short" is the present; "fell short" is the past; "has fallen short" is the present perfect, and so on.

"fell" is a completely different verb meaning to cut down, to cause to fall down.

The logging company fells the trees / felled the trees / has felled the trees.

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ohh thanks Moderator.
so could I say "fall short of (target)" means "fail to hit (target)"? And "fell" and "short of" can not be bonded together if fell, the present now, means " to casue to fall down or to cut"?
thank you again
Yes, that's correct. You're welcome.