hi im from california, US and im 12 (i no im young) and id like to meet new kids/teens from around the world. speaking of around the world, who's been following the fifa world cup? and what's your favorite team?
I've been following it and so have quite a few others, I'm sure! After all, the World Cup is the second most followed sports event in the world, right after summer Olympics.

I don't have a favorite team, though. (Finland is no good at football owing to our snowy winters, which make it impossible to practice in wintertime.) Sweden's geographical location is a little better as the Swedes can play even in winter in southern Sweden. So far, I have been impressed with the creativeness of the Spanish team, but Argentina's Messi is a force to reckon all by himself!

Soccer is a game in which very few goals are scored and consequently the best team doesn't necessarily win. About 20 years ago Denmark didn't even qualify for the European Championships - yet they won the title after they were called in at the last minute to replace Yugoslavia, which was at war and thus couldn't participate.

Brilliant, skillful players aren't enough. They have to play unselfishly as a team. I have seen teams with marvelous players at this World Cup, but they have failed to perform well as a team. Unexpected, imaginative passes, quick changes of strategy if that proves necessary, and so forth. That's what I look forward to and expect in a winning team!

Just to mention France, with great individual players, but they really failed as a team.
And Messi is just awesome.

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