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Poland, Germany

England, Sweden

Argentina, Holland

ghana, czec

Brazil,` Croatia

Korea, France

Ukraine, Spain
good call on iran man their going far....

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Well I hope my mother country, South Korea, will improved on their 2002 4th place finish and win it all this year...but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

Having said that, I do hope the representatives from the Africa and Asia and even N. America regions do well....I am just tired of seeing the European and South American dominance in the WC and want to see some fresh faces.
group f is the easiest
Italy is gonna win this time... Emotion: big smile
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I just heard that someone took the paper draw slips out of FIFA's rubbish and has put them on e-bay. Germany is currently over £60,000. For a piece of paper? Football fans are barmy.
They can't be real, can they? So where's my cheque book? (Just joking)
Brazil is too gud.... they will win Germany 2006... [<:o)]
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Never! Italy ought to win!
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