The results have just come in about who will be playing who in the World Cup finals in Germany 2006:

Group A: Germany - Costa Rica - Poland - Ecuador

Group B: England - Paraguay - Trinidad & Tobago - Sweden

Group C: Argentina - Ivory Coast - Serbia and Montenegro - Netherlands

Group D: Mexico - Iran - Angola - Portugal

Group E: Italy - Ghana - United States - Czech Republic

Group F: Brazil - Croatia - Australia - Japan

Group G: France - Switzerland - Korea Republic - Togo

Group H: Spain - Ukraine - Tunisia - Saudi Arabia

So, who do you think is going to win each group? Which groups are the most difficult? Which groups are the easiest?
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it's rather hard to tell who is going to win in each group.but i can dear to say that brazil remains the favorite to win the w-cup and spain will play the final against them(brazil). i don't see any other national team that can win the trophy, but still surprises exist in football. i wish for the africans the best and go further in this competition.

blessings to all.


the most difficult groups are C and G!!

i am from Poland and i hope Poland will go out of the group!!! Germany for sure!!

later---- england, sweden,

argentina, netherlands

portugal, mexico

italy, czech

brasil, croatia

france, swt or korea??

spain, ukraine

well it is only my prediction Emotion: stick out tongue so don't be angry with me Emotion: smile
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You are absolutely right, but still they are surprises in football. You can't tell which group is the most difficult. You have to wait tell next summer because a lot of things can influence a team. I can dear to say that brazil is the best positioned to get it's sixth world cup this coming summer. The brazilian players are the best. they are all playing in great clubs and competing at a tremendous level. This provides them with experience and confidence to fight for their sixth world cup.

in my opinion, group A, D and G are the easiest to round 16


A : germany, poland

B : england, sweden

C : argentina netherlands

D : Mexico, portugal

E : italy, USA

F : brazil, australia

G : france, switzerland

H : spain, saudi arabia
there are many surprises on each WC! so it will be very interesting!

guys i can see that VERY FEW PEOPLE are interested in soccer!!! gosh!! that is very strange!!

it will be exciting event , so go ahead!! tell us your predictions! Emotion: wink
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Hi Asia_poland you're here too, geez you surprise me everytime hahahahaEmotion: wink!!!

Anyway groups winners:

A: Germany, Poland

B: England, Sweden

C: Argentina, Netherlands

D: Iran, Portugal

E: Italy, Czech

F: Brazil, Japan

G: France, Korea

H: Spain, Saudi Arabia

The most difficult groups are: B, D, F and the remaining are the easiest, well that's what i think!!

In my opinion the 3 favorites are Brazil, Argentina and Netherlands, so the final will be between these 3 ( brazil-argentina) or ( brazil- netherlands), but eh who knows it's football after all everything is possible, but in the end i guess Brazil will win the WC....
That is a great idea Mr Woodward. Well, below are my forecasts:
Group A : Germany - Costa Rica
Group B: England - Sweden
Group C: Argentina - Netherlands (with a glimmer of hope for Ivoiry-Coast)
Group D: Portugal- Mexico/Angola (Are we allow to do that?)
Group E: Italy - Ghana
Group F: Brazil-Japan
Group G: France- Korea Republic
Group H: Spain- Ukraine

Which group is the easiest? Well, basically, I think they all serve the purpose of at the group leaders. But you know the ball is round and every match ends after 90 mins. I remember in world cup 90, nobody fancied Cameroon..but what a great unforgettable performance they made. Nobody thought GREECE will be in the ending line of the last European cup of Nations. Nobody would have ever thought Man U will be kicked out of the Champions League during the first round.
About African representatives..well I must say it won't be a pushover, but we hope three of them will make it to the second round.
Sorry, the anon there is me.
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