hey everyone i have an analytical essay due in about 3 weeks and its basically "devise and develop a thesis" on any aspect of Fifth Business which interest you, now i read the book and everything but i would like a few pointers or suggestions as to what would be worthwhile writing about? like I have some ideas but i don't know how muhc i should narrow them down or broaden them for that matter. ( if this is relevant the essay is suppose to be 1200words) when I find a topic, and write my thesis i will probably post it up here to see what people think of it.

What is Fifth Business?

It's hard for us to help you with your topic when we haven't read the same book and we don't know what your ideas are. Do you want to share your ideas and how you would categorize them?
exactly! its really difficult actually... you should share your ideas and clearly state your porblem.. doesn't help buddy if you just tell us you're worried and lost! Emotion: smile