i have an inclass essay this week on fifth business and i loved this book. Anyways for this essay I thought of 3 three topics that i cant decide which one would be easier... "Liesl-devil or saint"(u have to choose if shes either a saint or devil), "fifth buisness is a novel that Exemplifies contrast through characters(ex foil)", or the one that the teacher gave "To understand 5th buisness one must explore the metaphor of the archetype as it appears in the novel.

Then i need to think of 3 sub topics.

This thread i think will help many ppl in grade 11 when they read this book, ill post my essay up too when im done if u guys ask.
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I'd be glad to read it... Emotion: smile
i think u should go with the one your teacher choose u have it easy my teacher gave us hard topics to choose from and ours is due at the end of christmas break
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is there any good webpages for summary notes that are free on fifth buisness
hi i have an essay to write on Fifth business, the topic is who is fifth business in the book fifth business

so like who is the one carry out the message but is not the main character, this is a opinion essay
dunstan is 5th business in the book
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the main character cannot be the fifth business
muhahaha..yes he can..it's ironic since its his book...but he thinks that he is 5th business in his life...which in defininition fifith business is a person that supports the main characters, and holds a secret. If that secret is told, one of the main characters die. This makes him the fifth business, as he holds the secret (snowball) and can ruin the main characters in his life. Thus its ironic since the book is about him, and he thinks that hes 5th business
Umh yes my dear, Dunstan ramsey is the 5th business, go and read the 6th chapter of the book over again. main characters can be a fifth business.
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