I have just read aloud an excerpt from a local newspaper. I intentionally slowed down to improve the intelligibility and I'd like everyone of you to comment on:

1. the kind of accent I have;

2. the intelligibility.

Here is the article:

'Lovers often spend their most romantic hours sharing a meal. But many heartbreaking moments also take place at the dining table.

By focusing on different eating experiences, local group Trinity Theatre will present a bitter-sweet love story in its new music theatre show, Table for Two, which many viewers will identify with.'

And here is the speech:

Thank you very much.
The only part that wasn't intelligble to me was 'bitter sweet'. I listened several times before I read the transcript and I thought it sounded something like 'benner weight' love story, which I just couldn't figure out! Other than that, it was very clear.

Agreed with the accent - sort of half American and half non-native trying to do 'posh' English accent.
Well, it's perfectly intelligble. To be honest, you sound sort of like a North American trying to emulate a British accent (at least to me).
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Thank you for your comments, and I'd like more pals to talk about my speech.