Hi guys!

1. If I hadn't stumbled into Mark, Dave and Larry, I would probably have gone to college, tried to get a degree in something or other and figured it out from there. I really have no idea where I would be without these guys.

--- I know what "figure out" means, but I cannot figure out what it means in this particular context? Maybe it means that he would try to live in a different way when he got his degree instead of playing in a band with his friends?

2. One of the members of the band says that he is happy that instead of five people in the band there are only four now, his words: That stripped down outfit had a tightness and a focus which was really appealing.

--- I understand "stripped down outfit," but I'm not sure how to understand the words "tightness" and "focus"???? What other words can I use which mean the same?

Thank you
It, here, refers to nothing in particular. Figure it out = come to an uinderstanding of life in general, what I want out of life, what I want to do with my life. From there = at that point in time.

Tightness = closeness, togetherness; focus = a point of view [similar, in this case], something specific to work on.
OK, Philip I think I get it!!!