Say English Online is an English Tutorial Center based in South Korea. We are handling Korean students of various English levels. We provide online examinations and books for each student. Right now, we are in search for more Filipino online teachers who are willing to do 25-minute classes and 50-minute classes between 3 PM and 12 MN (Philippine Time).

If you are interested in trying out as one of our Online English Teachers, you may add me on Skype. My Skype ID is displayed on my profile. You also send me a message if you have other queries. Do not forget to prepare your detailed resume and be prepared for a video interview as soon as you have filed your application.

See you online!


We are hiring teachers from the Philippines only as for the reason that the payment is done locally. We are not a discriminating race and we love people from all walks of life. Emotion: smile
Hi Teacher Kei! I added you on Skype. I'm an Online English Teacher as well. I am really interested with your post. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy New Year!
Hi teacher! I have a query regarding the said: "LOCAL PAYMENT". I am a FIlipina who is currently residing here at Saudi Arabia. I really want to have a part-time job and I am interested with this. If my case will be accepted, then I would want my salary to be received by my parents since they are living in the Philippines. Thank you.
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Hello Teacher Kate! As I've posted, I am no longer acquainted with "Say English Online". However, I am working for a new company as a Head Teacher. Our salary payment system here is done through Paypal, so that means you can work wherever you are in the globe. Emotion: smile

Right now I am looking for teacher who can teach IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL, teachers who has superb speaking skills and who can work between 5PM-12Midnight Korea Time.

Kindly send me the three requirements through email. (Word document resume, 1 minute video resume and profile picture).