Please help me to solve these questions in the attached picture only I and III.

Liton DasPlease help me to solve these questions

It's time for you to get creative. You can't think of any words to put in those blanks? That doesn't sound possible.

5. The express train won't stop at all stations.
4. We must show courage in the face of danger.

I'm sure you can do the others if you make an effort.


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I tried but I failed at I/6 - Gandhiji was a great _____ of India.

Shall I put man or freedom fighter here? Both seems correct to me.

representative would fit. That's followed by 'of' more often than either 'man' or 'freedom fighter'.


I also failed at putting abstract noun in sentence no III/3 - _______ is the greatest curse on this earth.

Ego or pride.

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Liton DasEgo or pride.

Both would fit very well. Of the two, I'd say 'pride'.

I don't think this exercise is supposed to have only one correct answer for each item.


Thank you so much for your help. Actually in the book there are no answers given to these questions that's why I asked for your help.
Liton Dasthere are no answers given to these questions

That's probably related to not needing exactly one answer for each question. They couldn't possibly list all the right answers.


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