please ,correct my answers.Emotion: smile

Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list below. You may have to change the forms.

dab at - make it up to - mop - nozzle - plunge - tingle - unattached

1. After my daughter spilt a whole carton of milk, I had to ___ the floor.

2. Karen attached the ___ of the garden hose to the sprinkler so she could water the lawn.

3. The easiest way to get into a cold swimming pool is just to ___ in.

4. Billy felt sorry for hitting his little brother. To ___ him, Billy offered to buy him some candy at the store.

5. The nurse ___ the wound to try and clean off the blood.

6. The anti-dandruff shampoo ___ on her scalp when she washed her hair yesterday.

7. The fact that I am over thirty and still ___ doesn’t really bother me.

4-made it up to
5-dabs at
Good job!

1. mopped
4. make (no tense indicator)
Philip1. mopped
I had to mopped the floor??? Emotion: smile
I think you meant mop!
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Thanks philip for help, about make ,the first and third part was in past tense so that way i wrote (made).
thanks again
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Thanks for reply CalifJim , do you mean after (hade to ) should be infinitive and not past simple?
Philip1. mopped
I had to mopped the floor???

I think you meant mop!


Thanks for your keen eye, CJ. I do things too quickly sometimes.