1.The channel tunnel is one of the biggest engineering project ever ____.

which word is fit for?

2.People teach the computer to think and ______________,develop and sharpen their own reasoning abilities.

What does "develop and sharpen their own reasoning abilities" mean?
Hi Lozolo,

1. I think one of the words " Built " or " Constructed " suits best, if its a completed job. Or else, if it is still on designing stage ( i.e. the designing is over but actual construction has not started yet) you can say " designed".

2. "develop and sharpen their own reasoning abilities" simply means people teach the computers to "think for themselves" or to develop " logical thinking for themselves".

When the computer has been given a command(X) to react to a certain situation(A), and when later, a similar situation(B) occurs, it analyses the situation(B) and equals it to the first situation(A) and execute the command (X) which was given to it earlier.
Thanks,i think i just saw u in chat room,Raven.U mean reasoning abilities means one can deal with the simulater case?
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To my knowledge a simulation means a set of programmes which executes a set of commands in a sequence. For an insrtance if you play a Flight simulator for the first time you may find it extremely difficult. But as you practise and play more you can see it's the same thing over and over again. Ultimately you can master the simulator.

I think "developing and sharpening their own reasoning abilities" can more be explained with the computers which give you weather forcasts. They come across pretty much the same data of wind speed, temperature, humidity, etc., everyday and they give you the same forcasts. When a situation arise with a special case (i.e. a storm or strong winds) they search for an earlier situation and try to match the two situations. This matching is the logical thinking that people are trying to teach the computers.

I hope this shed some light.
Thank you very much.i think i already got the meaning.can i be one of ur friends.I am from China,my MSN is (edited).
The channel tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projectS ever attempted
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I think the second one can be completed quite well with "and in doing so."

Were there no choices to choose among? You were just supposed to come up with something that worked?