Hello Teachers,

1.It was a long voyage. We were at -------- for four weeks. (sea, is correct?)

2.The duck said, 'I will --------- and --------- and blow the house down.
(Hint: both words rhyme with rough).( I guess, "cough". Is it correct?).

3.The box is so big that it will get in the way ------------ you leave it.

Please check it, and comment.

Come on Hanauman, you can tackle number three.

1 is ok.

Number 2 - your answer is incorrect (cough and rough do not rhyme by the way) but here is a clue for you: it is based on a children's story called the three little pigs. The animal in the original is a wolf (must be an awfully big duck instead). The two words rhyme with rough but they are not spelt with 'ough'.

Off you go!Emotion: big smile
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Hello Nona,

for 3 it may be "if".

for 2, I am still not clear.

yes 3 is if.

ok, number two is huff and puff.