1.Mother will be very ____________________if you don’t go to school.

I have to fill in the blank with a word and the word structure is "c_ _ _ s".

It means thw word should start with letter "c" and three more letters and then end with letter "s".

Could anybody help me?

Hello, Hanuman. How are you?

The word is 'cross'.
Sir, (Mr. Micawber)

I am fine. I am very happy that you have answered my question.

I have posted many questions before this but could not see your comment.

You might be busy. Sir, I need your blessing.

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Mister MicawberThe word is 'cross'.
Hello, Mister Micawber

I know this question is asked by hanuman. But, if you don't mind , I would like to ask you something. I really don't know how to understand this sentence because it is not friendly with me. What is meant by " Mother will be very cross if you don't go to school." ? Thank you a lot.

'Cross' means angry or annoyed.
I would like to add that this usage of "cross" is mostly British.
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Mister Micawber'Cross' means angry or annoyed.
Thank you so much, sir!