I like _____ piano
a)to play

Newspapers are____ to peoples house everyday

Please choose the correct
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DoubtI like _playing piano.
That is correct, though I, a speaker of BrE, would prefer 'I like playing the piano'. 'To play' is also possible.
DoubtNewspapers areDistributed to peoples house every.day.
In BrE, we would use 'delivered'. Note the two words of 'every day'
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I like __playing_ piano.
Newspapers are_Distributed_ to peoples house everyday.

looks right to me
DoubtI like ____ pianoa)to playb)playingNewspapers are___ to peoples house everydaya)Deliveredb)DistributedPlease choose the correct
To play ... Distributed
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Please help me fill up:

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If the second word is avoid,,can you try to think of the first word?

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I like to play piano

Newspapers are distibuted to peoples house everyday

Do Americans say 'disributed? In Canada and in Britain, I've always said and heard 'delivered'.