Good day,

I’d like to ask what the term ’’film rights availability” means. I’m confused because in an application, I think it could refer to both the person who is entitled to royalty and owns the film, and the licences a film might need so that it could be screened publicly (for instance, when there is a popular song used in it). Which one is it? Or both?

And, could you, please, tell me whether "availability" can be the synonym of validity here, too? (I mean, if the second interpretation is correct, then can "availability" taken to refer to the information whether the necessary licences have not expired yet?)

Thank you very much!
'Availability' does not mean 'validity'. 'Film rights availability' indicates whether anyone can buy the right to make the film, whether the book or story is available or unavailable for a potential buyer to make a movie from it.
Thank you.