I`m RussianEmotion: smile And I actually hate russian translators. Why are they so stupid?? Ok, "The Terminal", please. The scene wheb Russian with medicine is arrested. Do you remember that? Attention, russian text: ""This is medicine for GOD""...And Russian becomes free. Why, I think....I hear, actors say [g/\t], this is no "god". It turned out that they say GOAT Emotion: big smile It`s permitted to take medicines for animals abroad. They just mixed up goat and God,oh!!!! And because of our translators no one of those who don`t speak English can`t understand this episode. So have you ever noticed cases like that?
you are absolutely right. I always notice very funny mistakes which russian translators make.
And i remember the episode with the GOAT.
How about the translations of the movies names? For example, "Paycheck" with ben Aflek translated like "Payback", and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind" translated like "Eternal Sunshine of Passion".
hi i have noticed alot of movie mistakes in my favourite films and alot of them are really obvious and its so unreal lol Emotion: smile but what i dont get is when the edit it why dont they notice them??
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AlanisHow about the translations of the movies names?... "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind" translated like "Eternal Sunshine of Passion".
This movie was translated in that way because in the movie the poem of Edgar Poe was mentioned, and it contained the line with "Eternal sunshine of spotless mind". This poem has long been translated with this line as "eternal shine of passion". I agree with you as to translators' mistakes, but in this very case the translation is correct: they referred to official translation of what was the basis for the film's title Emotion: wink
Another example... "American beauty" They translated it as "beauty in American way", but they missed the reason for such film title. There is a sort of rose called "American beauty", it was mentioned in the movie both visually and in monologues.. But translators obviously missed that connection.