the difference is regarding british and american english?
just that?

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Both are used in British English.
Both are used in American English.

If it's popular, entertaining, full of action, or comic, it's a movie.
If it's serious and artistic or in a foreign language, it's a film.

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that's right!

Its nothing to do with the genre but just the simple fact whether the design is simple entertainer or has depth to it.

An example would be a popcorn horror movie (I know what you did last summer) vs. a psychological horror film (Dark Water).
Film buffs and persons in the industry tend to use film, while the average person on the street tends to use movie. I think this is true in both British and U.S. usage.
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No, no,no.

Any film is a movie and all movies are films (even though now the production of films can be done digitally) ! At this point in history the terms are inter-changeable

Movie evolved from the use of "Moving picture show" - taking place in a theatre or other location.

Film evolved from the material where filmic images are recorded -celluloid..
Then Porn Movie or Porn Film? Hmm?
Both OK (grammatically, not socially).
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