I found a phrase, "filmmakers of colors," on an article on CNN. Could you help me understand what the filmmakers of colors means?

Is it a name of a production company or something to do with ethnicity?

Thank you!

towel slide 182I found a phrase, "filmmakers of colors," on an article on CNN.

If you read the whole article and still don't know, then it seems it may be forever a mystery.

Why didn't you provide a link?


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Here are a few quotes from CNN. There are more, but all of them are similar. Is one of these what you were interested in?

By Ryan Prior, CNN,  4:02 AM ET, Sat July 18, 2020 
The Atlanta-based television writer has credits on "Saturday Night Live," "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," and "The Mindy Project," and she now runs a production company focusing on elevating projects from women and filmmakers of color.
 6:36 p.m. ET, April 29, 2019 
Actress Aisha Tyler said late director John Singleton will not only be remembered for his films, but what he also did for filmmakers of color.

4:59 PM ET, Thu January 14, 2016
For the second consecutive year, no minorities were nominated in any of the four acting categories. One year after the critically acclaimed "Selma" was largely snubbed by academy voters, sparking protests, actors and filmmakers of color are again being ignored -- and Twitter is not happy.

Yes, the one at the top was the one I saw on the CNN article.


And that's the one that I don't understand. I think all of the expressions mentioned here means the same thing, but I still don't understand what "filmmakers of color" means.

Could anybody help? Thank you!

towel slide 182filmmakers of color

This means people who make movies and who are not racially "white" (Caucasian).

You asked about filmmakers of colors. That was very confusing. It shows that you have to be very careful when you transcribe words into your posts.


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Thank you very much, CJ!

Ah, that was my mistake. I altered it to colors. Thank you!

towel slide 182"filmmakers of color"

It's a wordy euphemism from the US that means non-white or not white. It's catching on outside the US as well.