Hello everyone!

I am trying to gather ideas as to what to write in my financial aid appeal letter. I have reached the maximum amount of hours and actually have finished an associate's degree however I changed my major so many times that I ended up just taking the General Studies Degree route. I would like to go back to the same school and become a Radiology Technician. The school will not help with financial aid due to a rule of maximum time frame meaning I have reached the maximum amount of credit hours for a degree. The financial advisor at the college said that I can write a fiancial aid appeal letter asking for them to allow me to finish up my Radiology degree and exclude the classes that I've already taken. This is where I need some help. I want to let the college know how important it is for me to become a Radiology Technician as well as the fact that I do not have the money to cover the tuition for the degree. Can anyone help me out? It only has to be a 1 page letter but I am really struggling with it. Please help!

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Hi Lydia,

I recently just went through the same process. I surprisingly heard back after just two days, and my appeal was approved. What I explained in my appeal were the reasons in which I was not able to complete my degree in the appropriate time frame. For example, if there were family issues, health issues, etc. I also mentioned how important school and my degree was and to express how financial aid was the only way I would be able to continue my education. I also went to my advisor and got a detailed plan for the remainder of my process and had her sign it. It also might help if your advisor can write you a letter for you, and describe how your grades are. I would also describe why your circumstances have changed. For example, if there were family issues that were preventing you from completing your degree in the appropriate time frame, explain how these issues have changed and how it will no longer be in the way of completing your degree.

I hope this helps, and good luck!
I just turned mine in today. I explained that I got pregnant and changed majors 3 times. Would have been nice to get a warning. I didn't even know this could happen.
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Hello Lydia, how did your appeal process go. I'm going threw the same thing also!
I finished the Radiologic Technology program in 2007. I wouldn't recommend anyone be a x-ray tech. It is so hard to find a job and the profession doesn't get any respect! My advice to you is go to nursing school. You can get a job anywhere and the pay is out of this world. You also get the respect you deserve.
I am starting the MAXTIME appeal process. I Have a degree in General Studies, and just recieved my Nursing Degree. Unfortunalety I am unable to find a job right now. New grad nurses are having such a hard time finding jobs. I am enrolled in 12 units right now and really need the financial aid to get me through. I am taking a few spanish classes (to make me bilingual-more employable), and I am taking another english course to improve my writing skills. I have 145 undergrad units. I really hope this appeal process goes well. I am transferring to a 4-year again this fall to get my BSN. If anyone has anymore helpful hints, please send them my way

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have you tried applying with the department of vetrans affairs i here they are doing a massive hiring fair good luck

That's really great that you completed program, congrats! We want to know how the appeal process went and if they provided any objections, demands, or pushback that you think might be helpful to someone else. Some colleges state that changing majors automatically are not acceptable because they want tuou to list an extenuating circumstance which makes no senses because your situation obviously did not prevent yuou from passing class or attending class, they issue was you did things too well and went outside of the SEP goal. So its total bs that my school issurrounding the entire appeal situation for approval on how logical or crippling your extenuating factor that made you become ineligible is totally stupid.

How did your appeal go? People are posting things that aren't helping us with the basics on what reasons are being approved and which ones arent. My school seems to only want to hear that I lost a limb or something so I don't want to say that I took whatever class was available so that I could keep food on the table ,until my neccessary glasses opened up.

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