The saying goes like this

Letter after F + Half of 8 + Shadow of q + Opposite of d + Letter b4 M + Middle of SEA + 2 into 19th letter + End of U. - Find IT ?
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Hey Vino I think I've figured it outEmotion: big smile

Can it be "GODBLESU" ? -->God Bless You
Congrats, You Got it DjBueno !!! You could have waited till someone try to do it... It's ok I'l come out with some more Tricky Questions...
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Emotion: smile I'm looking forward to receiving your new tricky questions..


Yes Vinod, please do post some more. Emotion: smile
They love you but they are not your lover,

They care for you but they are not from your Family,

They are ready to share your pain but they are not your Blood Relations,

Who are they???
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your pets? or friends. they both work.
Mattuck... Think more... you can find it...
"see h your are in middle of see h "
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