Find title to this song by following lyrics, it's been stuck in my head and I cannot find it anywhere and no one knows what it is.

"Chevy riding high boy, chevy riding high. Got me and my girlfriend sittin' up in the sky..."

It's not Dre and Rick Ross.
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Here it is:

(It really wasn't hard to find it, Anon! Emotion: big smile )
Eightball and MJG
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I am looking for a song that either says schick fool or chick fool or she fool I am not sure. It is a n old school song.
im looking for the name of a song that says (you can do it like this or do it like that) and its not chingo bling

it was just released on the radio
i need help finding a song that says "Baby your so sexy cant put it into words so i say ooooowa"
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i listened to this one song in Abercrombie and all i remeber is

"forever and ever ill stay"

its like a dance mix
will you send me the lyrics of the song promise me by beverly craven?
i heard it on the radio but i don't know the song title, please help with this,,the lyrics goes tis way,,"feel me.Sow me that you believe mo.You're the only one from the very start......Love me believe me, that's all i want from you""
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