A word describes the feeling when you don't want to eat something more because you have eaten it a lot. Maybe you haven't been full yet, you can eat other food but cannot eat that one. It is similar to "being bored" but I think we cannot use this word in this situation. Please help me find the correct word. Thank you!
I'm tired of chocolate.

I've had my fill of chocolate.

Chocolate doesn't taste good to me any more.

I'm sick of chocolate.

[All of the above, of course, are lies!]
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Thank you, Philip!
Cab I ask you one more quesion?
If I want to express that feeling by a sentence beginning with "So", how can I say? For example, when the food is good, I'll say " So delicious!".
By the way, please tell me the meaning of "All of the above, of course, are lies!".Emotion: smile I think they are correct, why did you say they were lies?
Thank you!
1. So boring [?]; but that isn't a complete sentence. I'm not sure what you're asking.

2. Yes, the sentences are all correct, but they are not true, because I love chocolate. Emotion: wink
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thanks a lot dude for sharing this. now
Reading this made me feel smarter,better informed.Great post!
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My teacher once told me the word, but what a pity I can't remember what it is. That's why I made this question. Thanks for your help, Philip!
I also understood the hidden meaning of your last sentence. Emotion: big smile