as we know, there is a phrase called "hand in hand", but sometimes it is not enough to express the meaning when tweo lover interlock their fingers. So can I say"fingers in fingers"?

You can, of course, say what you want to. It's not wrong, but it's not a standard phrase.
I suggest 'with fingers entwined'. It's more poetic.

so have you used it or have you ever heard others use this phrase? wow, the poetic one is wonderful~thank you.
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No, I've never used or heard 'fingers in fingers'.

Thanks a lot~when I said "fingers in fingers" to my friend, he said"no, hands in hands", and then I know maybe this phrase is not so good to express my meaning. "with fingers entwined" is very beautiful, I will adopt yours~
Actually, the expression is: hand in hand.
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wow..hand in hand has the meaning with hands clasped~~Thank you! there are different situations when two people's hands are together, well, I am not sure whether you understand what I am trying to say.So I was confused.
May I help you with a couple of sentences?

They are strolling through the park, hand in hand.
They are sitting across a small table, looking into each others eyes, fingers entwined, their champagne glasses still bubbling, untouched.
Thanks a lot. You sentences finally let me realize the differences.Emotion: smile
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