can someone help me pick out all the finite subordinate clauses from the following sentences?!!

1.Moscow could not control the articles foreigners wrote once thry retured home but it could control the foreigners it admitted.

2.Although I slep on a flock pillow and made wide detours round lilac trees, the 'asthma attcks' which were to assail me for the next ten years persisted.

3. Tom and Mary sat at the back of the room with the self-conscious air of men who suspect that they should be taking part in the nearby drama but who wonder which rule they should play.

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Hello Miriam

I know what you mean. One of the problem we are facing here is we don't know in what way and in what terms our questioners are taught English grammar in their schools.



I agree the sentence can be improved (most sentences can, if not all). But if the person who started the thread was given that sentence to analyse written exactly as it was posted here, then I would stick to it. Even without the fine tuning we understand what it means, and perhaps Jimmychoo cannot take the liberty to change the sentence. Also, even with the changes, the objects would still be objects.

Hello Miriam

I doubt whether my post was of any help to anyone. But we can often make the structure of a sentence clearer by rephrasing it. Moreover, we have to change <rule>, because the text doesn't make sense otherwise. (You can't 'play a rule'.)

See you,

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